Life Coach  New York - Los Angeles - BEVERLY HILLS

Life Coach 
New York - Los Angeles - BEVERLY HILLS


We could all use a little life coaching and motivation, because when you’re playing the ‘game’, it’s hard to think of everything. What does 'Coaching in Life is Like in Sports' - mean? It means that successful people are working with a top life coach for the same reason that athletes are training with top sports coaches, which is to help them become the best at their game. Irina Popa-Erwin’s education, unparalleled background, and unique life and business experience has given her the ability to always exceed all expectations and inspire many people from New York City to Beverly Hills CA, France, Italy, UK and around the world, to reach their goals in all aspects of life, by focusing on their entire life instead of one or two limited aspects.

Former professional multi-medalist gymnast and one-of-a-kind life, career and executive coach, Irina Popa-Erwin, has the unique ability to empower anyone from the average person to executives, celebrities, and professional athletes. Learn more...


Executive Coach New York - Los Angeles - BEVERLY HILLS

Executive Coach
New York - Los Angeles


Executive Coaching helps top achievers to improve their leadership skills, overcome challenges, and increase performance while improving work-life balance. Today's executives have continuously increasing challenges, not only in cities like NYC, Los Angeles, Paris, Milan, London, but around the world. The reality is that executives are facing an unprecedented complexity on the marketplace, and that's why working with a top Executive Coach it's so valuable. Whether your focus is on expansion, results, cost reduction, branding, increasing profitability, or meeting deadlines, executives are under unprecedented pressure. 

Have you ever wished that the day would have more than 24 hours, so you could get more done? Executive Coaching has helped many leaders and top achievers to handle stress better, take better decisions faster, improve time management, delegation and mentoring skills, while improving work-life balance, and maximize overall performance. Learn more...

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Life Coach for Athletes  New York - Los Angeles - BEVERLY HILLS

Life Coach for Athletes 
New York - Los Angeles - BEVERLY HILLS


Irina Popa-Erwin knows from personal experience what challenges athletes are facing every day, as she is a former professional multi-medalist gymnast. For the past 10 years Irina has helped many athletes and sports teams in Europe, Asia, and USA, including New York City, Beverly Hills, L.A. and Miami to overcome their life challenges and fears in order to become the best at their game, and prolong their career, or find that sports 'cheering' and purpose in 'real life' after retiring.

Irina Popa-Erwin is an accomplished professional Life Coach for Athletes with natural-born leadership skills and 15 years of unparalleled sports andlife coaching experience. She knows from personal experience what it really takes for any athlete to reach the highest level of performance on and off the court, field or gym. Mrs Erwin's unique approach and life experience has allowed Mrs Erwin to empower athletes and sports teams to brake through their own resistances in order to reach the top. Learn more...

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Career Coach New York - Los Angeles - BEVERLY HILLS

Career Coach
New York - Los Angeles


Building a career has many challenges regardless where you live in the world, especially in big cities, such as New York City, London, Paris, Milan and Los Angeles, just to name a few. Pursuing a career involves facing many challenges, and it requires you to stay focused while constantly improve your professional skills. Finding what you are most passionate about and gaining clarity towards your personal life and career is key to achieving the life and career you have always wanted.

For those transitioning to a higher level of management, your career becomes even more challenging as your responsibilities increase and you'll have to develop better professional skills, improve communication and leadership skills. All this can be very stressful and it's important to stay focused. A top career coach can help you to gain clarity, overcome challenges, and improve your personal and professional skills in order to stay focused, remain in the game and accomplish more. Learn more...

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Irina Popa-Erwin is giving back, by offering professional life coaching services, through the City of Beverly Hills since 2014.

Life Coaching New York - Los Angeles | The NYC Life Coach

From Manhattan, NY to Beverly Hills, Ca & Beyond

Due to its uniqueness and reputation of helping clients to not only meet their goals, but exceed them, The NYC Life Coach became the go-to professional boutique coaching company for a select clientele in USA, Canada, South & Central America, Europe, Asia and Australia. The NYC Life Coach really wants its clients to succeed and exceed their goals in life, career and sports.  For the past 11 years, The NYC Life Coach has specialized on professional Life Coaching, Executive Coaching, Athlete Life Coaching, Career Coaching, Leadership Coaching, Celebrity Life CoachingStress Management Coaching, Team Building Coaching, MasterMind Coaching, and Wellness Coaching services, dedicated to help, inspire, guide and motivate individuals, celebrities, athletes, executives and top achievers to overcome challenges, fears, and breakthrough personal resistances in order to really exceed their goals and reach their dreams.

The NYC Life Coach's personalized professional coaching services are designed for the average person, teenagers, professional/college/high school athletes & sports teams, celebrities, executives, corporations, and high achievers. Please take a minute to watch the short video below and learn more about what is coaching. Thank you.



There is no telling what you can accomplish when you get inspired, motivated and act upon your dreams. You do not have to repeat last year!
— by Irina Popa-Erwin

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