Get a Grip or Lose Control

Former professional multi-medalist gymnast, executive, successful entrepreneur, and professional life coach mentored by Jim Rohn, Irina Popa-Erwin perceives life in a way that's completely unique. Her experience as a gymnast led her to the conclusion that coaches act as the largest influence in success. And as an entrepreneur with an impressive life and business experience, she's learned that a set of fundamental skills can propel anyone to success no matter the situation. At The NYC Life Coach in Beverly Hills and New York City, Irina helps her clients to realize their true potential through life, career, and leadership coaching that taps into her unique background.

This workshop is intended to introduce you to a complete set of tools designed to help you change your life and improve your career. After the workshop ends, many participants wish to pursue an advanced private coaching program, therefore The NYC Life Coach offers private coaching options. For more info on available private coaching services, please visit: Professional Coaching Services or contact us at (646) 943-9160 or



Irina Popa-Erwin - Park Avenue, New York City, NY

Irina Popa-Erwin - Park Avenue, New York City, NY

Week 1 Session: Discovery

  • Discover your passion, who you are and what you can really do.

  • Find your ‘WHY’, and how it can help you get what you want.

  • Learn how to use your 'WHY' as a powerful driving force.

Week 2 Session: Beliefs

  • Discover what sabotaged you all this time and change.

  • 100% Effective method to let go of what was holding you back.

  • Learn how and why you can have what you want.

Week 3 Session: Goals

  • Learn how to really set up goals and stick with them.

  • How to believe what you imagine is possible for you.

  • Develop an easy to follow plan of action.

Week 4 Session: Discipline

  • Learn how to own the day. (Time Management)

  • Set up daily methods of operation. (DMO's)

  • Easy steps to stick with your action plan.

Each life coaching workshop session takes up to 60 minutes, and it includes unlimited ongoing support in between sessions as needed by the participant and defined by the coach, via phone, text or email. For more info or to register, please email us at or call us at (646) 943-9160. We look forward to speaking with you.

Location: The NYC Life Coach - New York
Address: 1115 Broadway, 12th Floor, New York, NY 10010
Sessions per Workshop: Total of four (4) Weekly Coaching Sessions
Session Duration: Up to 60 Minutes
Included: Support in between the weekly sessions

Minimum Participants: Three (3) participants minimum - this means you’ll have to have at least 2 more participants in order to start a workshop.
Led by: Life, Career & Executive Coach - Irina Popa-Erwin
Fee: $500 for 4 Weeks Pro Coaching Workshop per person (4 sessions)

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  • Registration fees are fully refundable. Refund must be requested seven (7) days prior to the workshop starting date.

  • You may purchase registrations as a gift. All services are valid for one (1) year and may be rescheduled at anytime before the start day.

  • Maximum 2 referrals allowed per person.


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To register, please fill-out the form below and we will contact you within 24 hours to schedule a complimentary 30 minute consultation with Irina Popa-Erwin prior to the workshop start date. Please note that the minimum participants in a workshop is three (3). The workshop fee is due in full after the consultation. The consultation will be done in person at The NYC Life Coach's headquarters office located at 1115 Broadway, 12th Floor, New York, NY 10010.

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