A good life, career or executive coach has to learn from an extensive and successful personal life, career and business experience in order to be able to help others. A good coach has to be teachable and continuously work on himself/herself to develop more and better skills. A good coach must have a mentor at all times because when you’re playing the game (life), is hard to think of everything.

A good career or life coach has to have great coaching experience and have successfully worked with other clients in your field that had similar mindsets. A good life coach has to love people and show that by going the extra mile just to make sure you can reach your goals.

A good coach has to be successful, not for the money, but for the person that he/she becomes during their journey to success.

Life, career and business experience cannot be taught in any seminars or schools, therefore the best life, career and executive coaches of all time have never held or pursued any coaching certificates.

Therapy and coaching are completely different. While therapy deals with the past, life coaching deals with the present and future, helping people develop personally and become the person that needs to become in order to reach his/her goals.

How to identify the best life coach?

  1. Read the life coach bio to find out if he/she has the the experience you need to reach your goals.

  2. Call or email the coach to meet him/her and learn more about the coach’s experience to find out if you are a good fit to work together.

  3. A good life coach has great mentors, and you should be able to read about them on the coach’s website.

  4. There is no one-fits-all coaching program, therefore a good life coach will never have one set fee.

  5. Life coaching is an investment in yourself and your future, same like education, therefore a good life coach is obviously not cheap, but working with a life coach should help you get much more than you invest.

  6. A good life coach has personal experience in using his/her own coaching tools, exercises and disciplines. For instance, a good life coach has to have created and completed many successful personal and business plans before being able to help you create and successfully complete a plan. Ask the right questions!

  7. Never hire a life coach without meeting him/her in-person or through video conference, because you will know which life coach is good for you as soon as you meet the coach.

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Irina Popa-Erwin

Irina Popa-Erwin, founder of The NYC Life Coach, is a renowned life coach based in New York and Los Angeles who has dedicated her life to helping others. As a former professional multi-medalist gymnast in her home country of Romania, she was pushed from an early age to excel, to focus and become the best she can be. As an adult, faced with the loss of a husband to be and their unborn child as well as a 72-hour coma that nearly killed her, she awoke realizing that her life’s work was to help people. She found Jim Rohn, who became her mentor and the rest is history. He helped change her life philosophy and discover what she really wants to do for the rest of her life; which is to help people. Jim Rohn and her new-found discovery inspired Irina to found The NYC Life Coach and become one of the most influential leaders in the life-couching industry.

Irina has built herself up from nothing and now coaches some of the biggest names in finance, lifestyle and the arts. Her soulful yet direct interactions resonate with her clients, as she walks the walk, talks the talk and understands first-hand how to hard it is to succeed. She has truly helped so many people and believes whole-heartedly in what she teaches; that with true confidence and gratitude anything is possible.

Irina has been featured in such interviews as Bronxnet, Fox and CBS, and boasts a worldwide client list that continues to grow.

We would love for you to speak with her for a “source” call, to learn more about her and how she can help you with her stories.

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